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Kamo-Gutsu was created in 2014 by Freddy Dreesens, who was at that time

one of the owners​ of the Belgian shoe company The Velvet Factory.

Besides creating men and women shoes for fashion labels we thought it would be nice

to think outside the box and create something that wasn't on the market yet:

fresh shoes with some fun and wit, lots of color, but still very wearable and comfortable.

The first collection premiered during the MICAM shoe fair in Milan and the rest is history:

today we distribute Kamo-Gutsu in 8 countries where shoe- and fashion retailers present

our footwear as the "happy misfits" in a sometimes boring shoe world.

We develop two collections per year, manufactured in the Italian Marche region,

famous for its artisan shoes with a high quality standard.

Since December 2020 Kamo-Gutsu is created and distributed by SHUZ.63,

the company owned by the designer and instigator of the brand.

Freddy Dreesens
CEO / Founder
° 1963
Design, marketing & management

As founder of SHUZ.63, Freddy Dreesens takes care of collection design and image building, assisted by the Italian producer for his technical know-how.

He exhibits at specialized shoe fairs in Milan, Düsseldorf, Munich, Paris and Tokyo, together with a team of sales agents for Germany, France and The Netherlands.

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